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Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1988 (7/35)
Finis Austriae - March 11, 1938 Centenary of the Mühlkreis Railway

Austria's Monasteries - Wilten Canonical Foundation

Date of issue: March 18, 1988
Face value: AS 10
Definitive series

The area in which the foundation lies today has played an important role in the past. As numerous discoveries attest to, the direct vicinity of the foundation was already settled in the Bronze Age (as of circa 1,000 B.C.). The Romans began to settle in this open country to the north of the Isel Mountain when they conquered Tyrol in the year 15 B.C. On April 30, 1138 Pope Innocence II confirmed the assumption of the church at Wilten along with its possessions by Provost Marchwand von Wilten through the "Canonical Order", which was applied according to the rule of the Premonstratensian Brothers. From this papal confirmation, the original of which is still preserved, the Wilten Foundation observed in 1988 the 850-year anniversary of its settlement by the Premonstratensian Order.

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