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Haydn Rider Quartet, op.74, No.3
Joseph Haydn


As early as 1781 Haydn had given the genre of the string quartet its "classical" form, i.e. the form the modern listener is familiar with, but he returned to this form of instrumental composition between his two journeys to London. Op.74, No.3, the Rider Quartet, dates from the year 1793, Vienna; it is dedicated to the Hungarian Count Anton Apponyi, a Lodge brother belonging to the Lodge of "True Reconciliation".

The G-minor quartet is effective through its expressiveness and originality, and is thus easily accessible for the listener. The nickname "Rider Quartet" hints at the rhythmical beginnings of the outer movements.


1st movement: Allegro
2nd movement: Largo assai
3rd movement: Allegretto
4th movement: Allegro con brio

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