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Stamp Album
Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1993 (3/31)
Art: 325th Birthday of Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt (Palais Kinsky) 25 Years Austrian Medical Hotline

Art: 125th Remembrance of the Death of Eduard van der Nuell and August von Siccardsburg (Vienna State Opera)

Date of issue: January 22, 1993
Face value: AS 7
Commemorative series

Eduard van der Nuell, born 1812, and August Siccard von Siccardsburg, born 1813, both born in Vienna, were an architectural duo who as of 1844 combined their efforts to complete projects. They were a deciding factor in Vienna's new positioning in Europe at this time. In 1861 the duo won a competition for the construction of the State Opera House, the first monumental construction on the Ringstrasse. The opera building simultaneously embodies one last peak of Romantic Historicism and the gradual transition to stricter 19th century architectural ideals. This project also sealed the fate of these two architects: Bureaucratic sluggishness, envy from the competition, and ignorance on the part of critics overcame the architectural duo. Van der Nuell, highly sensitive to criticism and in poor health, committed suicide on April 3, 1868, while Siccardsburg died of tuberculosis the same year.

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