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Stamps from the year 1988 (3/35)
IV Special Winter Olympics - Innsbruck, 1988 25th Anniversary of the Death of Franz von Zülow

150th Birthday of Ernst Mach

Date of issue: February 19, 1988
Face value: AS 6
Commemorative stamp

Born on February 18, 1838 in Chirlitz, Moravia, Ernst Mach began studying mathematics and physics at Vienna's University after completing his secondary diploma. Already in 1864 at the young age of 26 he became Professor of Mathematics and was summoned to Graz. In 1867 he was summoned to Prague where he taught for 28 years. In a time when there was neither cinematography nor airplanes, Mach was the first to take radio photographs of the paths of flying objects. With this he established how the wave path's image within the surrounding atmosphere of a moving projectile changes when it exceeds the speed of sound. Hence, Mach was a pioneer in the field of slow-motion photography and supersonic flight. The ratio of an object's speed to the speed of sound became known as the Mach number. However, the tremulous response of the sound barrier actually being broken, that is to say the point at which the speed of sound is exceeded, was first observed after Mach's death in 1916.

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