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Please note that words with different spellings, like those beginning with the letter "C", may also be found under the letters "K", "Tsch" or "Z" and vice versa. The same holds true for words beginning with the letters "V" and "F", "I", "J", "Y" as well as "V" and "W".

If there is more than one word for a term, find the entry under the word most frequently used and also check for cross references to the entry you are looking for.

Names consisting of more than one word (i.e. names of companies, ministries etc.) are placed under the most important word in the name (i.e. Donau, Allgemeine Versicherungs AG).

Entries of persons with identical last names are arranged in alphabetical order of first names, if the first names are identical as well, the entries are arranged according to birth date.

Entries of geographical terms (i.e. lakes, mountains, rivers, etc.) are arranged as follows: headword (e.g. Danube, River), followed by the name of the province and altitude.

Entries describing places such as towns, villages, etc. are arranged in the following order: name of the place, province, status, political district, altitude, population (in the German version : population on 2006 01 01, published by STATISTIK AUSTRIA,  in case of substantial variations the number taken at the census of 1981 is included as well), area and topography. The number of overnight-stays in tourist resorts refers to those registered in 1992. The names of places located in bilingual areas are also given in Slovene, Croatian and Hungarian if they are registered as bilingual in the Austrian official list of place-names (Austrian Federal Law Gazette BGBl. Nr. 308/1977). The places included in the encyclopaedia were chosen according to the principle of centrality of location, meaning that for reasons of space very small places were only included for reasons of historic or cultural significance.

Biographical entries are arranged in the following order: last name, first name, date of birth ("b." meaning "born in"), place of birth, date of death ("d." meaning "died in"), place of death, profession, function, career, etc. Less well known places of death and birth in Austria are followed by the province. In entries referring to places within the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy the modern name has also been added. Biographical entries are followed by the most important relevant works ("Works:" or "Publications") and, if applicable, bibliographical references ("Literature: or "Further reading:"). The bibliographical references were chosen according to quality and relevance to the present. Most works and literature references are in the German language.

Entries of persons known by their first names (i.e. emperor Franz Joseph), mostly members of the aristocracy, were included as such, although the names have generally been kept in the German spelling.This means that some names are written with the German letters "ä", "ö", "ü" or "ß". Entries of persons primarily known by a pseudonym are included under their pseudonyms, cross-references are included under their actual names. Otherwise the pseudonym has been added in brackets or mentioned in the entry. Academic titles and honorary titles, as they are popularly used in Austria ("Doktor", "Hofrat" as honorary title conferred on law professionals, "Professor", etc.) are not cited. In some cases the single biographical entries are preceded by a description of the family (especially families of aristocratic origin or families of artists); in some cases single biographic entries are summarised in one such description of a family.

The headwords of entries were chosen according to their relevance to Austria. Famous Austrians living abroad are also included in the encyclopaedia, as well as famous naturalised Austrians. Some entries included are of towns, places and landscapes abroad that are relevant to Austria or Austrian history.

In the English version, terms and concepts specific to Austria for which there is no English equivalent have been left in German, with an added explanation or approximate translation in English. While British spelling has been used throughout, the use of specifically British terms has been deliberately avoided and wherever possible, various expressions for one concept have been used to facilitate search.

The entries were checked and proof-read several times in order to omit errors. In case you do find incorrect information, please notify: Verlagsgemeinschaft Österreich Lexikon, A-1010 Wien, Schwarzenbergstraße 5.

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