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Mozart Don Giovanni: The figure of Don Giovanni
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Spanish priest Gabriel Tellez (1571-1648), who called himself Tirso de Molina, introduced the figure of the seducer into literature. His drama (1630) describes the adventures of one of Philip IV's courtiers in Madrid at the beginning of the 17th century.

Various poets and dramatists used this literary figure in their works: Moliere in France, Lord Byron in England, Puschkin in Russia, Lenau in Germany and Goldoni in Italy. Various musical arrangements were made as well: Gluck's ballet "Don Juan"; the opera "The Guest of stone" by Dargomyschkij; the musical poem "Don Juan" by Richard Strauss; modern works are Reutte's "Don Juan and Faust" and Werner Egk's "Joan von Zarissa". Max Frisch, a Swiss dramatist, wrote a comedy "Don Juan or the love of geometry" (1953).

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