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Josef (Matthias) Hauer Deine Wellen umspielten mich (Your waves were playing around me)
Josef (Matthias) Hauer

The voices in the trope

Once again the chromatic scale with the division into right and left section:

The left half of the trope now contains the notes: G flat, G, A, B flat, D flat and E flat. The right half of the trope contains the notes A flat, B, C, D, E and F.

Any set (half of a trope) is arranged in ascending line, in which chromatically neighbouring notes are put next to each other.
(Reading instruction: first read line 4, beginning with the root note (tonic) G flat, then the 3rd, 2nd and 1st line).

There are 4 voices, consequently this is a four-voice trope. The chromatic notes G flat and G are in the left half, the following note A flat is in the right half, the chromatic notes A and B flat in the left half, the chromatic notes B and C in the right, D flat in the left, D in the right, E flat in the left and E and F in the right half of the trope.

A trope consists of 12 notes, each half of 6 notes. Chromatically neighbouring notes are placed next to each other, non-neighbouring ones ar stacked.

Hauer calculated the existence of 44 tropes.

A look at trope chart IV shows that the above example is the 31st trope. (Cf. Hauer in pictures: Trope chart IV.)

Comparison: the 31st trope in Hauer's and in conventional notation:

Use of the trope 

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