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Hauer Josef (Matthias) Hauer in pictures

Hauer in a portrait
Wiener Neustadt
Hauer's birthplace
The museum village of Krumbach
Museum village - interior
Hauer's first premiere
An evening of modern music at Wiener Neustadt
Hauer memorial tablet
Josef Matthias Hauer Square, 1080 Vienna
Hauer's twelve-note notation
Title page of Nomos op.19
Comparison of musical notation systems
Hauer in front of his chart of tropes
Part of trope chart IV
Hauer's testament
Hauer's manifesto
Hauer with his pupil Dr. Johannes Schwieger
Othmar Steinbauer
Death mask
Hauer's tomb
Special stamp in Hauer's honour
J. M. Hauer Conservatory

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