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Stamp Album
Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1996 (13/31)
Europe 1996 - Paula von Preradovic Prang Rods - Salzburg

Day of the Stamp 1996

Date of issue: May 17, 1996
Face value: AS 10 + AS 5
Commemorative series

This year's stamp commemorating the "Day of the Stamp" is the sixth of the ten-part miniature series 1991-2000 emerging from the words "Briefmarke" ("stamp") and "Philatelie" ("philately"). The stamp shows an ornately-framed tree whose trunk broadens to form the letter "T". It's crown of leaves bears the letter "M". Presented in this way are the two letters in the sixth position of the words "Briefmarke" and "Philatelie". The basic idea behind the ten-part series of stamps is carried on with this pair of letters.

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