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Stamps from the year 1996 (11/31)
800th Anniversary of Klagenfurt Europe 1996 - Paula von Preradovic

Hotel, Tourist Industry

Date of issue: May 17, 1996
Face value: AS 6
Commemorative series

Austria plays an appreciable role in the field of international tourism. This stamp commemorates the two most important professions which promote hospitality and which have played a major role in building Austria's excellent reputation as a holiday destination: the chef and the waiter - also known as the white and black brigade of hospitality. The discovery of the printing press brought about a fresh, innovative boost in these two professions. The printing press enabled easy, mass duplication of guidelines for the correct management of noble residences and their kitchens - not to mention cooking recipes. The most important event in the history of gastronomy occurred in the year 1533 when Katherine di Medici brought her Florentine court chefs with her after her marriage to future French King Heinrich II. Thus, Classic French Cuisine was born. The waiter profession was most dramatically transformed in the 19th century by the adoption of the Russian system of serving meals in single, strictly separated courses. Austrian schooling is world-famous and leads the way in these two professions. Qualified Austrian employees have a clear path to top positions, as is routinely proven in the international catering trade. The stamp shows a chef and a waitress.

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