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Stamps from the year 1996 (10/31)
300th Anniversary of the Death of Georg Mattäus Vischer Hotel, Tourist Industry

800th Anniversary of Klagenfurt

Date of issue: May 3, 1996
Face value: AS 6
Commemorative stamp

This commemorative stamp is dedicated to the 800th anniversary of the first authenticated naming of present-day Klagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia. The naming occurred around the end of the 12th century in a privilege of the Carinthian Duke Ulrich II. Indeed, Klagenfurt existed even before it's first official naming, though not in it's present location. Rather, it was located roughly one-and-a-half kilometers to the north of today's city center in Furt over Glan, from which it's name is derived. The new Klagenfurt was placed in a more convenient location for transport. It was situated at the intersection of the road running west to east from Villach through Voelkermarkt to Marburg, and the north-south highway which runs from St. Veit to Loibl and continues on to Ljubljana and Trieste. Klagenfurt was first named a "city" in the year 1252. After a steady upswing, the trade city was reduced to rubble by fire in 1514. Emperor Maximilian I handed over the ruins from his sovereignty to the provincial body of representatives - a unique case in German settlement history. They rebuilt Klagenfurt according to the current lore of those days and gave it it's present-day appearance. The stamp shows the Old Square in Klagenfurt.

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