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Stamps from the year 1996 (9/31)
100th Anniversary of the Death of Anton Bruckner 800th Anniversary of Klagenfurt

300th Anniversary of the Death of Georg Mattäus Vischer

Date of issue: April 26, 1996
Face value: AS 10
Commemorative stamp

Georg Mattäus Vischer is one of the most important cartographers and topographers that Austria has ever produced. He was born on April 22, 1628 in Wenns, Tyrol. Despite his spiritual calling, his true vocation was that of geography and the art of land surveying. Soon, at the service of various lords, he drafted maps of the surrounding region, cities and castles. Vischer set new standards in his area of expertise. He used the most modern land surveying equipment of his day and travelled personally throughout the entire region. His expert knowledge when it came to boundary disputes and surveying borders found unanimous recognition and his mastery was highly valued. Despite his success, Vischer found himself deeper and deeper in financial difficulties during his last years. Indeed, he was even forced to sell his books and instruments the year he died. Vischer died totally impoverished on December 13, 1696 in Linz. His burial site is unknown. Today his great achievements are commemorated in a gallery in the castle ruins at Kollmitz near Raabs on the Thaya in Lower Austria.

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