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Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1995 (31/32)
The Postal Official from the series The Austrian Working Environment Christmas 1995

Composers - 225th Birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven

Date of issue: Oktober 20, 1995
Face value: AS 7
Commemorative stamp

This commemorative stamp has been issued in honor of one of the greatest musicians of all time. An important member of the symphony orchestra, Ludwig van Beethoven was pivotal to the entire musical evolution of the previous century. His efforts contributed significantly to musical growth and change and gave musical composition new momentum. Born on December 17, 1770, Beethoven suffered from increasing deafness beginning in 1795. He lost his hearing completely in 1818. "Fidelio", Beethoven's first opera, premiered in 1805. This gifted musician is credited with nine symphonies, sixteen string quartets, five string trios, a violin concert, songs, and choral works such as the "Missa Solemnis". Ludwig van Beethoven died on March 26, 1827.

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