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Stamps from the year 1995 (17/32)
50th Anniversary of the Festivals in Bregenz 50th Anniversary of the United Nations

1,000th Anniversary of the Death of St. Gebhard

Date of issue: June 9, 1995
Face value: AS 7.50
Commemorative stamp

His date of birth being estimated at 948 or 949, Bishop Gebhard has been considered the first patron saint of the church of Vorarlberg since 1914. He pursued a spiritual career at a very young age. After becoming a canon of Konstanz he was ordained a Bishop in Mainz at the age of thirty. In 983 Bishop Gebhard exchanged land and holdings with the Abbott of Reichenau. Later he acquired land in Konstanz, on the other side of the Rhine, on which he established his own monastery of Petershausen. The church there, dedicated to Pope Gregory the Great, is thought to have been consecrated in the year 992. Petershausen eventually became the Mother House of the Mehrerau Monastery in Bregenz. Bishop Gebhard died on August 27, 995, and the ceremonial transfer of his remains from the crypt of the church into the presbytery, which was equivalent to canonization in those days, ensued through Bishop Ulrich II. In the wake of the Reformation the monastery at Petershausen was plundered and the relics of St. Gebhard stored there were destroyed. Memory of him gradually lost significance in Konstanz. However, Gebhardsberg in Bregenz attained a significant revival, having dedicated a small church in honor of St. Gebhard. This stamp shows a glass window bearing the saint's image completed by Martin Häusle in the years 1961/1962.

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Encyclopedia of Austria: Gebhard, Hl., Fest 27. Aug.

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