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Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1994 (14/30)
300th Anniversary of the Birth of Daniel Gran (painter of the Baroque period) Centenary of the Gailtal Railroad

25th Anniversary of the Carinthian Summer Festival

Date of issue: June 17, 1994
Face value: AS 5.50
Commemorative stamp

Austria's most significant cultural event, the "Carinthian Summer Festival", has taken place each year since July 25, 1969 on historic land in the heart of Carinthia in the cities of Ossiach and Villach. A priest from Ossiach, Jakob Stingl, and musician/manager Helmut Wobisch founded the Carinthian Summer Association in 1970. In 1974 opera performances given at the church broke new grounds, earning the Carinthian Summer Festival its special reputation. Theater manager Dr. Gerda Froehlich has directed the Carinthian Summer ever since Helmut Wobisch's death in 1980. This event continues to grow in international popularity and incorporates new themes into its program each year.

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