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Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1993 (30/31)
75 Years Republic of Austria Christmas 1993

100 Years Austrian Union Movement

Date of issue: November 12, 1993
Face value: AS 5.50
Commemorative stamp

Up until the last century laborers were still victims of executive tyranny under which they were subjected to extremely difficult working conditions with up to 16-hour work days and a pittance for wages. All of this started to change, however, with the emergence of interest groups for adequate work conditions. The founding of the Imperial Union Commission of 1893 can be viewed as the birth of the inter-regional union organization existing in Austria today. With increasing organizational influence at the political and industrial levels, its demands for adequate labor conditions gained momentum. The Austrian Union Alliance, established by the Austrian Union Movement of 1945, fixed the developments of 1893 and simultaneously the future direction of change.

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