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Stamps from the year 1993 (19/31)
National Customs and Folklore Treasures: Aperschnalzen (cracking of the whip), Salzburg 50th Remembrance of the Death of Resistance Fighter Franz Jaegerstaetter

U.N. World Human Rights Conference, Vienna 1993

Date of issue: June 11, 1993
Face value: AS 10
Commemorative stamp

After the 1969 Human Rights Conference in Teheran, another world human rights conference was held again 25 years later. The United Nations General Assembly elected Vienna to be its host due to an invitation from the Austrian national government, and so the conference was held in Vienna's Austria Center from June 14-25, 1993. Among the most important goals of the conference were, among other things, to determine ways of enhancing the enforcement of existing human rights regulations and to raise the effectiveness of monitoring compliance with these regulations.

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