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Stamps from the year 1993 (6/31)
Wild Emperor, Tyrol from the series Natural Beauty in Austria Austro-Pop, 1st issue

100th Commemoration of the Death of Peter Mitterhofer

Date of issue: February 19, 1993
Face value: AS 17
Commemorative stamp

At least in these parts, Peter Mitterhofer is considered the inventor of the typewriter. He was born on September 20, 1822 in Partschins and was taught cabinet making and carpentry in his father's workshop. After completing his studies, Mitterhofer traveled throughout Europe and didn't return to his homeland until 1862. His first model typewriter Vienna 1864 appeared only two years later and already contained the basic mechanic principles of a typewriter. The model Meran 1866 functioned with a roller and changeover, thereby employing the basic components of the modern typewriter for the first time. Mitterhofer's most technically advanced model appeared with the introduction of the Vienna 1869. The courtly presentation of this model, as was the case with his previous models, was met by only minimal success, and so Mitterhofer withdrew to Partschins where he lived as a peasant until his death in 1893.

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