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Stamps from the year 1991 (20/34)
Day of the Stamp, 1991 first denomination 5th Anniversary of the Rise of St. Poelten to Provincial Capital

Completion of the Karawanken Tunnel

Date of issue: May 31, 1991
Face value: AS 7
Commemorative stamp

The Karawank Mountains are part of the southern Lime Alps and form a natural boundary between Slovenia and Carinthia. Already in the days before Christ active foreign trade connections existed in this region. However, the Karawanken Massif always presented an almost impossible obstacle. The first transport route over the massif was a mule trail forged by the Romans over the Loibl. A determinate step towards augmenting this connection was made on August 25, 1728, when Emperor Karl VI, the father of Maria Theresa, opened the extended Loibl Road. As this route also no longer satisfied the needs of modern trade and travel demands, construction of the 8,016-meter-long Karawanken railroad tunnel was begun. This tunnel opened on September 30, 1909. However, the age of the automobile lead to an increased volume of traffic, which in turn prompted construction of the Karawanken tunnel, which secures a direct connection linking the northern, southern, and southeastern parts of Europe.

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