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Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1988 (25/35)
Krimml Waterfalls from the series Austrias Natural Beauty 800th Anniversary of Feldbach

1,100th Anniversary of Feldkirchen

Date of issue: September 2, 1988
Face value: AS 5
Commemorative stamp

Nestled within the south-eastern foothills of the pasture-rich Carinthian Nockalm 546 meters above sea level, Feldkirchen lies in the heart of the sunshine province of Carinthia. According to many historical sources, reference to "Veldchiricha" was first made in the year 888. When the noble lineage of the Eppensteins became the Dukes of Carinthia, they also obtained property around Feldkirchen. The town won a great deal of importance and in 1162 Feldkirchen was shown to have been the venue of the ecclesiastic lords of Salzburg and Aquilea. After the Eppenstein lineage died out Feldkirchen became the property of the Bamberg Bishops. On May 5, 1759 Feldkirchen, along with all other Bamberg properties in Carinthia, were annexed to Austria through a bill of sale between Marie Theresa and the Frankish Bamberg Diocese for the sum of one million guldens of Viennese currency. Feldkirchen was raised to the status of city in 1930.

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