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Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1988 (16/35)
1988 Salzburg National Exhibit in the Mattsee Foundation - The Bavarians from Severin to Tassilo Austrias Monasteries - Zwettl Monastery

Upper Austrian National Exhibit in the Weinberg Castle: Nature, Culture, and Life in the Mühlviertel

Date of issue: May 20, 1988
Face value: AS 4
Commemorative stamp

The 1988 Upper Austrian National Exhibit entitled "Nature, Culture, and Life in the Mühlviertel" took place from May 21 to October 30, 1988 in the Renaissance Castle Weinberg near Kefermarkt. It presented an impressive portrait of the landscape and culture of this area, which rank among the most interesting of Middle Europe. The Bohemian Massif with its clearly defined surface formations, independent plant and animal life, and its branching network of waterways shaped not only the landscape of the Mühlviertel but also its residents. Topographic and climatic circumstances presented conditions to which the inhabitants had to adapt their culture and economy. An example of this was the production of flax and linen which for a long time was an economic cornerstone in Mühlviertel. This was also a focal point of the exhibit. Castle Weinberg (officially noted for the first time in 1305) was leased to the Upper Austrian government on January 1, 1988 and specially renovated for the national exhibit, so as to offer its visitors modern amenities while still presenting itself in all its old splendor.

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