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Stamp Album
Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1988 (12/35)
1988 Styrian National Exhibit in Bärnbach - Glass and Coal 125th Anniversary of the Red Cross

1988 Lower Austrian National Exhibit in the Seitenstetten Monastery - Art and Monasticism in the Cradle of Austria

Date of issue: May 6, 1988
Face value: AS 4
Commemorative stamp

The oldest record concerning the foundation of the Seitenstetten Benedictine Monastery in Lower Austria can be found in a Passau Codex from the mid 12th century. Subsequently, Lords Reginbert von Hagenau and Udalschalk von Stille founded a monastery at the cemetery church of St. Vitus in Seitenstetten in 1109 and furnished it with pieces from their estates. However, the canons who were active in spiritual welfare, did not fulfil the ideals of the founders who were avid for reform, and only three years later Lord Udalschalk had a new monastery built in a suitably spacious location, to which he summoned the Benedictine monks from the respected Göttweig Monastery. The stamp shows the Late Gothic silver censer from the Seitenstetten Monastery. Presumably it was commissioned by Abbott Andrew (1501-1521) around 1520 from a Viennese goldsmith. Today it represents the only Gothic censer in Lower Austria and the only silver censer of the Austrian Middle Ages.

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