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Vienna at the time of the unregulated Danube 

© Historisches Museum
der Stadt Wien
The picture shows the wetlands of Nußdorf and in the background the City of Vienna. 
Again and again Vienna was threatened by flood disasters. After persisting rainfalls the water level of the Danube rose and houses along the Danube branches were flooded. Even in parts that were not close to the river the water leaked into the cellars. 
In 1862, the year of Strauß’ first marriage, the Carltheater – which was within a short distance of his house in the Praterstraße - had to be closed because the cellar was flooded. First records about floods in Vienna were made in 1828. After 1875 the Danube regulation meant a great relief for Vienna. 

Johann Strauß in pictures
The Danube Waltz – is Vienna situated on the Danube?     Theater an der Wien – venue for the first night of the operetta "Die Fledermaus"

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