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Eroica: 2nd movement
(funeral march)

Form scheme
2nd movement
The second movement is in ternary form. Part A presents two themes.

bars 0-8
The first violins start a gloomy song above the rolling bass - the second movement is a confrontation with death and with life beyond.

bars 8-16
The second theme in E-flat major sounds more comforting.

bars 16-30
The "Maggiore" (centrepiece of the movement) contrasts the sounds of pain with a consoling theme, taken from the C-major chord.

bars 69-79
The Minore part in C minor is mainly based on a "triple fugato". This means a small fugue in which 3 themes are linked and always occur simultaneously.

bars 80-89
The second theme of part A 1 has been changed by using B flat instead of A flat.

bars 89-104
Pain and lamenting begin to dissolve in the Coda. The first theme is fragmented. The lamentation dies off in the rolling bass of the first bars of the movement.

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