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Symphony no.6: 3rd movement (Allegro)
"Merry gathering of country-folk"

Form scheme
3rd movement
A movement inspired by reality, which shows the best sides of rural life. Modelled on the form of the menuetto, in which a court dance was the musical focus, this part gains its inspiration from rural life.

bars 1-32
The first part is dominated by 2 themes.

bars 91-106
The melody of the 2nd theme is intoned by the oboe. The start is not on the 1st beat, the effect of this delay is a "limping behind" for a quarter-note.

bars 165-180
In the Trio the 3/4 time is replaced by a dance in 2/4 measure. This is racy, native music to which the dancers stomp in duple rhythm.

The 3rd movement closes with an abridged version of part A.

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