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Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1995 (29/32)
Monasteries of Austria - Franciscan Monastery in Schwaz, Tyrol The Postal Official from the series The Austrian Working Environment

Composers - 50th Anniversary of the Death of Anton von Webern

Date of issue: Oktober 20, 1995
Face value: AS 6
Commemorative stamp

Anton von Webern was a representative of the Second Vienna School, of the Arnold Schönberg clique. This successor school is to be viewed as the direct opposite of the First Vienna School, known as the Vienna Classical. Von Webern was born in Vienna in 1883 and so experienced the last years of the declining Danube Monarchy. From 1915 to 1917 his career as director of theatrical music was interrupted by military service, after which he returned to Vienna. There he launched a busy career as a teacher and director within Vienna's music scene and in the newly-emerging radio broadcasting company. The National Socialist era erased all recognition of his work and his situation rapidly worsened during this dark period of Austrian history. At Easter in 1945 he withdrew to Mittersil in the province of Salzburg and was mistakenly shot by a soldier of the occupation. Only after his death did the composer's isolation end and recognition for his works extended beyond Austria's borders. He became a model for an entire generation of composers in France, Germany, and America through his consistently-applied twelve-tone technique.

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