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Stamps from the year 1992 (30/36)
Flooding of the Marchfeld Canal in 1992 Modern Art in Austria - Peter Pongratz

5th International Vienna Ombudsman Conference

Date of issue: October 9, 1992
Face value: AS 5.50
Commemorative stamp

The word ombudsman comes from the Swedish and is international-recognized and can be described as a power of attorney. In German-speaking regions, ombudsman is a legal term used to describe the individual elected by parliament who is responsible for independent administrative control and complaints verification. Such an individual is represented by the Austrian Public Commissioner, whose post has been in existence since July 1, 1977. The 5th International Ombudsman Conference took place from October 2 to 16, 1992 in 1978, the general theme of the ombudsman is Concept and Reality.

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