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Stamps from the year 1992 (11/36)
150th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Doppler Effect 100 Years Railroad Union

25th Anniversary of the Death of Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry Richard Kuhn

Date of issue: March 27, 1992
Face value: AS 7
Commemorative series, Natural Scientists

Born on December 3, 1900 in Vienna, Kuhn began his studies in Chemistry at the Vienna University immediately following the First World War and graduated summa cum laude at only 22 years of age. His doctoral thesis focused on the role of enzymes in the process of carbohydrate metabolism. Enzyme chemistry continued to be the focal point of his work throughout the following decades. In 1929 Kuhn was named director of the Department of Chemistry at the newly-founded Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Medical Research in Heidelberg (now the Max-Plank Institute). In 1937 he assumed complete leadership of the institute and in 1939 the Nobel Committee in Stockholm granted him the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his Research of Carotene and Vitamins. However, due to political circumstances, the prize was handed over to Kuhn only in 1949. The great natural researcher and inspiring teacher died on July 31, 1967 in Heidelberg.

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