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History of Music
History of Music
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Between the Wars (6/6)
Alban Berg: Adagio from the Symphonc Pieces from the Opera Lulu Between the Wars

Between the Wars

Franz Schmidt: The Book with 7 seals

The appreciation of the works of Franz Schmidt (1874 Bratislava/Slovakia - 1939 Perchtoldsdorf/Lower Austria) was adversely affected by his participation in an unfinished omposition that was ordered by the Nazis. Schmidt worked as a musician with Mahler, was a teacher, rector and adversary of the Avantgarde. Nevertheless stylistic quotes in his Buch mit 7 Siegeln (Book with 7 Seals)(1937) show that he was open to contemporary music and could write in a modern style. His use of trombones to illustrate the Last Judgement (Example) shows his individual approach to non-musical contents. (M. Saary)

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