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Franz Theodor Schubert, Schuberts father

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of Vienna
Franz Theodor Schubert came from a farming family at Neudorf, Moravia. On January 17, 1785 he and Elisabeth Vietz (1756 - 1812) from Zuckmantel, Silesia, got married at Lichtenthal church. He was a pious, efficient and musically experienced elementary school teacher, who took his job very seriously. From 1784-86 he was teacher trainee to his brother Carl at the Carmelite school. In June 1786 he was appointed school teacher of Himmelpfortgrund (today 9th district, Nußdorferstraße 54) - the birthplace of his famous son Franz, who was born as the 12th child of the family.


Franz Schubert in portraits
Schubert's livingroom Stadtkonvikt - Vienna, 1st district

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