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Schiske Biography of Karl Schiske

1916 Feb. 2nd, born in Raab (= Györ, Hungary).
1922 Parents move to Orth on the Danube (Lower Austria), where his grandfather had already been employed as a forest ranger. Schiske’s father, a mechanical engineer, was known as a pioneer in the designing of automobile and aircraft engines. He was director of the Raab carriage works and owned a car as early as 1908. His early contact with physics and technology contributed to his studying physics as well as music.
1932 - 1938 Collaboration with the composer Dr. Ernst Kanitz (1894-1978) who, after his emigration, became Prof. for composition and counterpoint at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles (1945): From Orth it was possible for Schiske to study piano at the new Vienna Konservatorium, his teachers were Roderich Bass and Julius Varga.
1939 Diploma in composition.
1940 Completion of his piano studies at the Music Academy of Vienna (with Hans Weber).
1942 Graduation with the thesis "On the use of dissonances in A.Bruckner’s symphonies". Schiske also studied music theory, history of art, philosophy and physics at the University of Vienna.
1942 Drafted into the German Forces. During his military service he started to compose.
1945 Free-lance composer.
1950 Schiske is awarded the Music Prize of Vienna.
1952 Professor for composition at the Music Academy of Vienna; besides, he wins the Austrian State Prize for his oratorio "On Death".
1954 Schiske is awarded the honorary title "Professor" by the Federal President.
He marries Berta Baumhackl, a grand-niece of the famous specialist in local history and geography, Dr.Friedrich Baumhackl. They had four children.
1959 Stay in Rome.
1960 Schiske is awarded the Theodor Körner Prize and the Honorary Cross for Science and Research.
ab 1960 Onwards Juror in various congresses and competitions.
1962 Appointment as Professor extraordinarius at the University.
1966/67 "Visiting Professor"at the University of California Campus Riverside, Los Angeles.
1967 Awarding of the Austrian State Prize for Music.
1968 Awarding of the Golden Honorary Needle for Merits about the Republic of Austria.
1969 Died in Vienna, June 16th.
1970 Lower Austria posthumously awards him the "Landeskulturpreis" (Prize for promotion of culture in Lower Austria).
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