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Musik-Kolleg Online

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What do we mean by "Musik-Kolleg"?

For 33 years, Dr. Manfred Schilder, Professor for musical education at the Bundesgymnasium Gänserndorf, has been instructing parents and pupils within the framework of his "Musik-Kolleg" how to listen to music to gain a real understanding. At regular evening meetings various works of famous composers are presented audio- visually. By means of graphically annotated scores the structure of the opus is explained while simultanesouly the corresponding passages are played. Thus even a beginner soon grasps what is meant by "listening to music" according to the principle "seeing - understanding - hearing - experiencing".

What do we mean by "Musik-Kolleg Online"?

The project "Musik-Kolleg Online" tries to convey the successful concept of the "Musik-Kolleg" to a broader public, with the help of the new media. Requirements are a PC or Macintosh with soundcard and high-grade loudspeakers.

Per mouse-click the biography of the composer, texts and graphics for the work, music material and video-clips to follow the notation can be recalled.


Works of the following composers have been made accessible with this new method:

Ludwig van Beethoven | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Joseph Haydn | Franz Schubert | Anton Bruckner | Johann Strauß | Johannes Brahms | Arnold Schönberg | Josef Matthias Hauer | Karl Schiske

English version by Maria Svoboda.

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