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Mozart Mozart’s life in the year 1787

In January 1787 Mozart comes to Prague for the performance of his opera "Il nozze di Figaro". There he gets the commission for Don Giovanni. He is again in Vienna by the middle of February.

On April 7th Beethoven comes to Vienna and gets tuition from Mozart. Beethoven returns to Bonn on April 20th, owing to his mother’s illness.

On May 28th Mozart’s father, Leopold, dies. On August 10th the score of the "Kleine Nachtmusik" is finished.

In October he travels again to Prague. In the night of October 28/29th he writes down the overture to Don Giovanni, the last part of the opera which had a very successful first night in Prague on October 29th. By the middle of November he is again in Vienna.
On December 7th he is appointed Imperial Chamber Composer, as a successor to Christoph Willibald Gluck. On December 27th his first daughter is born, who dies, however, in 1788.

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