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Memorial plaque from Brahms’s last lodgings and deathplace, Karlsgasse 4, Vienna, 4th district

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On January 1st, 1872 Brahms moved into an apartment of that house in Karlsgasse. The only memory left is a plaque affixed on the building that replaced it. Brahms lived there until his death on April 3rd, 1897. On March 13th he still attended the first night of the operetta "Goddess of Reason" by his friend Johann Strauß at the Theater an der Wien. On April 3rd, Brahms died, at 8.30, nursed by his landlady Celestine Truxa, who had looked after him for 10 years. The death mask was taken by Karl Kundmann, his honorary tomb on the Vienna Central Cemetery is next to Beethoven, Schubert and other great composers who lived and worked in Vienna.


Johannes Brahms in pictures
Johannes Brahms's bedroom with a view into his music room    

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