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Brahms Museum, Pörtschach, Hauptstraße 205

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Originally Brahms intended to stay only briefly at Pörtschach on Wörthersee, Carinthia. But soon he wrote to Clara Schumann: "The first day was so beautiful that I wanted to enjoy another one by all means, and the second was so beautiful that I am going to stay for quite a while." This beautiful, idyllic resort remained Brahms's favourite summer place for several years. The most important work he wrote there is his 2nd symphony, also called "Pörtschach Symphony". In memory of Brahms there are every year "Brahms Days" at Pörtschach and an "International Brahms Week".


Johannes Brahms in pictures
Almost unknown Brahms residence in Vienna Brahms Museum, Gmunden, Kammerhofgasse

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