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Brahms Museum at the Kammerhof Museum, Gmunden, Kammerhofgasse 8

© Photo Archive Schilder

Castle Ort at Gmunden, on "Traunsee", Upper Austria, is the landmark of this town. International Brahms Congresses with special participants are organised there. From 1880 on Brahms spent the summer months at Bad Ischl in "House Gruber", Salzburgerstaße 51. From there it was easy to meet Johann Strauß at Ischl, Theodor Billroth at St.Gilgen/Wolfgangsee and the artistically minded industrialist Dr.Victor von Miller from Vienna at Aichholz.

Dr.Victor Ritter von Miller, Aichholz

The town of Gmunden owes its remarkable Brahms Museum to Dr.Victor von Miller's collecting zeal. After Brahms's death in 1897 he collected Brahms memorabilia which he exhibited in his villa at Gmunden in 1900 (today: Brahmsstöcklweg 12). Dr.Victor von Miller's heirs presented the collection to the town of Gmunden, on the condition that a suitable way of exhibiting it should be provided. The visitor can see how carefully this has been done at this place, Kammerhofgasse 8. This museum is also a witness of the close relationship between Brahms and Dr.Miller.


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