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Bruckner's tomb

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Beneath the great organ, on a sandstone pedestal, stands the simple sarcophagus of the composer Dr.h.c. Anton Bruckner. It was restored in 1961. It was his wish to have his resting place here as he owed to St.Florian countless inspirations for his compositions, which also contributed to his title "God's musician". The back wall of the crypt is lined with the bones of about 6,000 people, remains of an ancient cemetery that was in use till 1291. The crypt is visited by music lovers from all over the world. The more musically gifted try to perform Bruckner's motet "Locus iste", which makes a deep impression on the visitors.


Anton Bruckner in pictures
St.Florian, tomb plate near the church entrance Tomb of Bruckner's father

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