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Austria Albums
Austria Albums
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Encyclopedia of AustriaMusic Album
14,000 keywords and 2000 pictures relating to Austria.
Browse through information about history, geography, politics, the economy, people, arts and music, or
search by key word.
  History of Music with audio samples
Music from Austria from its beginnings until today with comments, pictures and sounds.

Musik-Kolleg Online
Works of famous Austrian composers presented according to the principle "seeing - understanding - hearing - experiencing".

Picture AlbumVideo Album
A collection of pictures presenting 1000 years of Austria's history, art and culture, arranged according to various subjects.
(in German)
  Video clips from the ORF Archive and scenes from historic films from the Austrian film archives.

Stamp AlbumPhoto Album
All Austrian special-issue stamps from 1986 to 1996.
  More than 1500 pictures from the most beautiful places in Austria and 60 panorama photos (in German) from Vienna and its environs.

Sigmund Freud AlbumDesigner Album
Biography and history of the work of the famous Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.
  More than 500 Austrian contemporary designers and their works.
(in German)

User AnnotationsAustria Online
Collection of user annotations.
(in German)
  Links to other sources of information
about Austrian art and culture.

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