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Josef (Matthias) Hauer Twelve-note piece of February 19th, 1953
Josef (Matthias) Hauer

The creative process in Hauer's melody

The creative process of the bars 2-5 in Hauer's "twelve-note piece of February 19, 1953" can be explained in the following way: melodic line in the right had, sound continuum in the left hand:

play the music example

The crotchets of the melody are turned into dotted notes:

play the music example

The parts of the left and the right hand are interchanged:

play the music example

The chords of the right hand are noted as syncopated quavers, which results in Hauer's original version:

play the music example

Twelve-note piece of February 19, 1953 (music example: the whole opus) 

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