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Josef (Matthias) Hauer Deine Wellen umspielten mich (Your waves were playing around me) 
Duration of performance: 56 seconds

Chart of transposition plan In the piano piece "Deine Wellen umspielten mich" (from op.25) Hauer starts from the 31st trope and subjects it to a regular twelve-note transposition plan, rich in tritons.


Bars 1-8
The 31st trope appears in four four-voice two-bar units. Transposition of the tonic tone: G flat - C - A flat - D.

Bars 9-12
By combining the chromatically single notes a three-voice figure is created. This two-bar unit is taken up by the left hand. The right hand plays these chords in descending quaver triplets. Transposition B flat - E.

Bars 17-24
As in the first eight bars the technical alternation of right and left hand (four bars right, four left) seems pre-determined, the bars 17-24 correspond to the bars 9-16. They resume, in parts as verbatim transpositions, the figurations of that four-bar unit and the two two-bar units, however by assigning the crotchets and quavers to the other hand.

Bars 25-34
Apart from the two-bar final chord there is another eight-bar unit in varied configuration. After a four-bar unit dominated by quaver triplets the movement quietens down, thus preparing the chordal crotchets of the final:
In bar 25 both hands play quaver triplets in opposing direction, the same happens in the next bar, but the directions have changed. This two-bar unit bears a similarity to bars 27/28, with the only difference that the right hand prepares the calming effect of the last four-bar unit by means of two crotchet chords. That unit, shortened to two bars, resumes the four-voice mode of bars 1-4 and, again in a shortened version, that of bars 8-12; the last crotchet of the eight-bar unit flows over directly to the final chord.

The whole opus
"Deine Wellen umspielten mich"

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