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This is an old - not maintained - article of the AEIOU.

In the Austria-Forum you find an updated version of this article in the new AEIOU.

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Austria Erit In Orbe Ultima...

"AEIOU" dates back to Emperor Frederick III (1415 - 1493), who chose this acronym as a personal motto and used it on many stately buildings. The emperor himself gave it several interpretations:
   in Latin: * Austriae Est Imperare Orbi Universo =
   Austria rules the world.
  * Austria Erit In Orbe Ultima =
   Austria will last forever.
   in German: * Alles Erdreich Ist Österreich Untertan =
   All the world is subject to the house of Austria.

In the project name the letters stand for




Oesterreichisches (=Austrian)

Universal Information System

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