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Stamp Album
Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1996
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Stamps from the year 1996
250th Anniversary of the Theresian Academy
National Customs and Folklore Treasures: "Schemen Parade at Imst/Tyrol"
1996 Ski Jumping World Championship
Vienna International Airport - Pier West
Painters: 200th Birthday of Peter Fendi
Austrias Natural Beauty - Hohe Tauern National Park
Painters: 200th Birthday of Leopold Kupelwieser
100th Anniversary of the Death of Anton Bruckner
300th Anniversary of the Death of Georg Mattäus Vischer
800th Anniversary of Klagenfurt
Hotel, Tourist Industry
Europe 1996 - Paula von Preradovic
Day of the Stamp 1996
Prang Rods - Salzburg
Tyrolean Civil Defense
1996 Summer Olympic Games
75th Anniversary of Burgenland
100th Anniversary of the Austrian Mountain Rescue Service
1,000 Years Ostarrichi - Charter of Otto III, 996
1,000 Years Ostarrichi - Austria and Europe
1,000 Years Ostarrichi - Marie Theresa, Joseph II
1,000 Years Ostarrichi - Duke Henry II
1,000 Years Ostarrichi - Rudolf IV ("The Founder")
1,000 Years Ostarrichi - Revolution of 1848
1,000 Years Ostarrichi - The First Republic, Dr. Karl Renner
1,000 Years Ostarrichi - Emperor Maximilian I
1,000 Years Ostarrichi - National Treaty of 1955 - The Second Republic
1,000 Years Ostarrichi - Imperial Crown of Rudolf II
Modern Art in Austria: Power Station
50th Anniversary of UNICEF
Christmas 1996

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