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Stamp Album
Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1995
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Stamps from the year 1995
Austrias Accession to the European Union
125th Birthday of Adolf Loos
50-Year Anniversary of the Austrian Gymnastics and Athletics Union
75-Year Anniversary of the Chambers for Blue and White-Collar Workers
National Customs and Folklore Treasures: "Gail Valley Belt/Carinthia"
National Customs and Folklore Treasures: "Native Costume of the Guardian of the Wine/Vienna"
National Customs and Folklore Treasures: "Golden Bonnet of the Wachau/Lower Austria"
50th Anniversary of the Second Republic
Monasteries of Austria - Benedictine Abbey in Bertholdstein, Styria
100 Years Austrian Friends of Nature
Carinthian Regional Exhibit - History of Mining and Industry
Austrias Natural Beauty - Forest and Moor in Heidenreichstein
Europe 1995 - Peace and Freedom
CEMT - Transportation Ministers Conference
Day of the Stamp. 1995
50th Anniversary of the Festivals in Bregenz
1,000th Anniversary of the Death of St. Gebhard
50th Anniversary of the United Nations
100th Anniversary of the Death of Josef Loschmidt
75th Anniversary of the Salzburg Festivals
100th Birthday of Käthe Leichter
Modern Art in Austria - European Landscape
100th Anniversary of the Death of Franz von Suppi
100th Birthday of Nico Dostal
Monasteries of Austria - Wilhering Monastery, Upper Austria
25th Anniversary of Klagenfurt University
75th Anniversary of the Carinthian Referendum
Monasteries of Austria - Franciscan Monastery in Schwaz, Tyrol
Composers - 50th Anniversary of the Death of Anton von Webern
The Postal Official from the series The Austrian Working Environment
Composers - 225th Birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven
Christmas 1995

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