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Stamps from the year 1995 (32/32)
Composers - 225th Birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven

Christmas 1995

Date of issue: December 1, 1995
Face value: AS 6
Commemorative stamp

This stamp shows a small statue of Jesus, the so-called Mercy Figure, before the Church of the Christ Child in Upper Austria. The Christ Child pilgrimage began 300 years ago and dates back to the following occurrence: Ferdinand Sertl of Styria, who suffered from epilepsy, bought a small wax statue of Jesus, hoping that through his faith and prayers his affliction would be healed. When after a few years Sertl appeared to have overcome his epilepsy, more and more people began coming to him in the hope that their prayers would also be answered. Construction of a pilgrimage church therefore began in 1702, the planning of which was carried out by Giovanni Battista Carlone and its completion by Jakob Prandtauer. This church's high altar remains especially impressive even today, for it is said to reflect the secret of the Christian faith: earth will be redeemed through the power of the holy spirit and through the suffering of this God who became man.

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