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Stamps from the year 1992 (19/36)
125th Birthday of the Dialect Poet Reimmichl Protect the Alps

100th Birthday of Dr. Anna Dengel

Date of issue: May 22, 1992
Face value: AS 5.50
Commemorative stamp

Dr. Anna Dengel was one of the first female doctors in Tyrol and the founder of the Order of Missionary Medical Nuns. She was born on March 16, 1892 in Steeg in the Lech Valley. In autumn 1913 after completing her secondary education in Innsbruck, Dengel moved to Ireland, which at that time was still under British rule. Here she studied medicine at the University of Cork. She finished her studies in 1919 and traveled to Rawalpindi in India where she served as an intern, engaging mainly in midwifery. In 1924 during a vacation in her native Innsbruck, Dengel decided to found her own medically-oriented missionary orde On September 30, 1925, after initial church opposition, she established the Society of Missionary Medical Nuns in a small house located in the outskirts of Washington, D.C. Today this society is comprised of 700 members from 22 nations, among them roughly 70 female doctors.

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