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Stamp Album
Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1991 (22/34)
5th Anniversary of the Rise of St. Poelten to Provincial Capital Rowing World Championship: Junior Canoe World Championship 1991

Art: 150th Birthday of Otto Wagner

Date of issue: July 12, 1991
Face value: AS 4.50
Commemorative series

The master of Vienna Jugendstil architecture, Otto Wagner was born the son of a notary public on July 13, 1841 in Penzing. From 1857 he studied at the Vienna Polytechnic University and from 1861 to 1863 completed his studies in architecture at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, where he later was named full professor in 1894. In this capacity, Wagner promoted the creation of an architectural style derived from the needs of the present which, under the premise of functionality and reality, is meant to bring about architecture's present-day re-birth. The first application of this revolutionary philosophy manifested itself in the construction of the Vienna streetcars and streetcar stations in the years 1893-1902. Among other things, Otto Wagner erected Jugendstil monuments in the Postal Savings Bank Office (1904-1912). Perhaps his most famous work, St. Leopold's Church, stands in the Steinhof Sanitarium and Convalescent Home (1902-1907). The architect died on April 11, 1918.

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