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Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1989 (34/34)
125th Birthday of Nobel Prize Recipient Alfred Fried

Christmas 1989

Date of issue: December 1, 1989
Face value: AS 5
Commemorative stamp

To celebrate the 40th opening of the "Christkindl" ("Christ Child") Christmas post office on December 1, 1989, a motif from the pilgrimage church from a town bearing the same name was used for the first time as a festive postage stamp theme. The origin of the pilgrimage to the town of Christkindl dates back to the time around 1695. The church there today was begun by Italian master builder Giovanni Battista Carlone in 1702 and completed by Jacob Prandtauer in 1708. The stamp shows a detail from the mercy painting by Johann Carl von Resfeld from the altar to the Virgin Mary of Christkindl's parish church. Inspired by the town's name, the Austrian Postal Administration decided to establish a special post office there during the Christmas season of 1950 with a commemorative postmark. The Austrian Postal Administration has maintained this beautiful tradition ever since.

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