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Stamps from the year 1988 (15/35)
Europe - C.E.P.T. 1988 (Ground Receiver Station in Aflenz) Upper Austrian National Exhibit in the Weinberg Castle: Nature, Culture, and Life in the Mühlviertel

1988 Salzburg National Exhibit in the Mattsee Foundation - The Bavarians from Severin to Tassilo

Date of issue: May 18, 1988
Face value: AS 4
Commemorative stamp

The joint national exhibit of Mattsee in the province of Salzburg and of Rosenheim in the Free State of Bavaria took place from May 18 to November 6, 1988. Its theme was the dynamic time period stretching from the mass migration which occurred after the withdrawal of the Huns to the supremacy of the Frankish Empire under Charlemagne. Hence, two historical events framed the time span for this exhibit. In the year 488, King Odoacer, who assumed Roman rule in 476, gave the order to withdraw the threatened Romany population from the region between the Danube and the Alps. The first important epoch of Bavarian history ended with the year 788. It was during this time that the foundation was created which has molded and linked old Bavaria and Austria through to today. Therefore the Austrian province of Salzburg, which emerged from the Bavarian Archbishopric established in 798, and the Free State of Bavaria chose this 1,200th anniversary as the occasion to jointly host this large exhibit for the first time.

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