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Stamps from the year 1986 (20/30)
300th Anniversary of the Vienna Fire Department Monasteries of Austria - Dominican Monastery, Vienna

5th International Oriental Carpet Convention - Vienna - Budapest

Date of issue: September 19, 1986
Face value: AS 5
Commemorative stamp

The International Oriental Carpet Convention has taken place every two or three years since 1976. It is a gathering of scientists, experts, and collectors. Vienna hosted the convention in September of 1986. First Budapest was visited, where three exhibits belonging to the convention were held. The collection of the Hungarian Museum of Arts and Crafts, with 340 Turkish carpets alone - the largest collection outside of Istanbul - was exhibited in the castle museum of Nagytetenyi. Even the Hungarian postal authority issued a stamp commemorating this event. The actual convention was then held in Vienna and included 70 lectures on twelve topics. The convention's official host was the Austrian Society for the Advancement of Textile and Art Research, an non-profit organization called into being by carpet-lovers. This commemorative stamp shows a detail from the "Silken Viennese Hunting Carpet" from Vienna's Museum of Fine Art. The carpet was previously part of the Emperor's possessions and was probably made in the first half of the 16th century in Keschan.

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