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Photo Album
Photo Album
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AEIOU * Photo Album Cities I (6/8)
Innerbraz Irdning

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Innsbruck - Ambras Palace dating from the 16th century
Innsbruck - Band in traditional costume
Innsbruck - Cenotaph of Maximilian I flanked by bronze statues
Innsbruck - Exhibition at Ambras Palace near Innsbruck
Innsbruck - Golden Roof
Innsbruck - Helbling house in the centre of Innsbruck
Innsbruck - Hofburg palace in the old town centre
Innsbruck - Hofkirche church with mausoleum of Maximilian I.
Innsbruck - Inner city in winter
Innsbruck - Knight´s armour at the Renaissance Palace of Ambras
Innsbruck - Maria Theresia Strasse and Nordkette panorma
Innsbruck - Mullerlaufen during Carnival
Innsbruck - Olympic city in the snow
Innsbruck - Panoramic view of the city, looking at the Brenner
Innsbruck - Provincial Theatre
Innsbruck - Representation of Maria Theresa on the triumphal gateway
Innsbruck - River bank of the Inn with view on cathedral
Innsbruck - Seegrube ski resort
Innsbruck - Smokestacks of Ambras Palace
Innsbruck - The Spanish Room at Ambras Castle near Innsbruck
Innsbruck - View from the Olympic jump onto the city
Innsbruck - View into the Inn valley from golf court in Igls
Innsbruck - View of the Golden Roof
Innsbruck - View of the inner-city towers
Innsbruck - View on local parish church of Igls
Innsbruck - View on the Hofburg
Innsbruck - View on Wilten abbey
Innsbruck - Wilten marksmen

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